Tollgate Islands Classic

Since its inception, the club has run its annual tournament, the Tollgate Islands Classic in January of each year.

This tournament is widely regarded as one of the best and most popular game fishing tournaments on the South Coast.

In 2021, 45 boats and 180 anglers fished the Tollgate Islands Classic. This was a pleasing result given the uncertainty of COVID and the impact of the event not being held in 2020 due to the devastating bushfires that struck Batemans Bay.

With the first day cancelled due to a gale warning, the event commenced on Saturday in rough seas with more than 40 Marlin tagged and released when stop fishing was called at 3pm on Sunday

The 2023 Tollgate Islands Classic will be held on 20th, 21st, and 22nd January 2023.

Watch this space for updates


  1. The President invites anglers who are financial members of a Club affiliated with a State Association, which is affiliated with the Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA) or the Australian National Sport Fishing Association (ANSA) to participate in this tournament. Proof of membership must be produced on request. If no proof is available anglers must pay the $90.00 BATEMANS BAY GAME FISHING CLUB  membership fee. The Club reserves the right to refuse any entry received.
  2. All teams must consist of at least two registered anglers. The Boat Captain and any persons involved in effecting a capture or tag and release must be registered anglers. Observers are permitted but must not assist in driving the boat, radio communication or the processes of fishing. Penalty disqualification. ANSA members must fish on a NSWGFA registered vessel.
  3. A Trailer Boat is defined as a boat that arrives at the tournament by trailer.
  4. Boats must be seaworthy and comply with NSW RMS regulations and have the required safety equipment on board. To comply is the responsibility of boat owners and crew.
  5. All teams must advise details of their comprehensive insurance covering public liability and property damage to a minimum value of $5m.
  6. By entering this tournament boat captains and crew agree that they participate in the tournament at their own risk. The Batemans Bay Game Fishing Club Inc. will not be responsible for any accident and/or injury that occurs travelling to the tournament, during the tournament or travelling home from the tournament.
  7. On their first day of fishing all boats must return to Batemans Bay by water. On subsequent days boats must fish from Batemans Bay.
  8. Once the tournament commences, no vessel may be substituted for another vessel and no angler is permitted to fish upon another vessel other than the vessel on which he or she entered the tournament.
  9. Junior & Small Fry anglers wishing to compete for prizes other than those dedicated for Junior & Small fry categories are required to pay the full entry fee of a senior competitor. A Junior or Small Fry paying the full entry fee is still eligible for trophies in the Junior & Small Fry categories.
  10. Anglers who wish to participate but who are not members of an affiliated club may join Batemans Bay Game Fishing Club  at a cost of $90.00 membership valid till 31/05/22
  11. To qualify for a NSW Coastal Waters Trophy or NSW record the angler must be a financial member of a NSWGFA affiliated club prior to the capture of the fish.
  12. Full annual Batemans Bay Game Fishing Club memberships are available at time of registration for the tournament.
  13. In the event of the tournament being cancelled in part or whole there will be no refunds after Thursday 13 th January 2022. Fish caught and reported up to the time of cancellation will be eligible for weighing. A full refund will be given if a team withdraws or the event is cancelled before 7:00pm Thursday 13 th January 2022. 
  14.  In the event of a gale warning on the first day of fishing, boats travelling by sea can fish from their own ports on the second day if no gale warning is issued. All boats must fish from Batemans Bay on all other days after the first possible day of fishing for the tournament.
  15.  In the event of a GALE warning being issued by the appropriate government weather authority ALL FISHING MUST CEASE. Cancellation will only apply until the Gale Warning is lifted.  Fish captured or tagged prior to the official time of warning by tournament base count in the tournament. Once notified by tournament base ALL BOATS MUST RETURN TO PORT. Fish being fought/played or hooked up after the cancellation is issued will be ineligible for this tournament. 
  16.  All boats, including those travelling by sea must sign on with Tournament  Base prior to commencing to fish. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of all capture and tag and release points for that day.
  17. All boats must be equipped with a serviceable VHF marine radio with a minimum of Channels 16 and 80 or a 27MHz fitted with a minimum of 27.88 and 27.94 frequencies.
  18. Tournament Base will continue to operate until every boat is accounted for each day.
  19. Signing on and off should be done when leaving or entering the marina or Hanging Rock launching ramp.
  20. Radio base direct contact will be…Sanchia Glaskin on 0409923585.
  21. All boats must sign on and off each day. Boats failing to do so, without good reason, will be penalised 2001 capture and 2001 tag and release points.
  22. Anglers must, when a capture is reported, give anglers name, fish species and an accurate estimated weight of the fish, line class and time of Capture.
  23. T&R is to be provided by the team and verified by Sked Master (Tournament Base)
  24. In the event of a boat suffering radio failure they must make contact with another boat or telephone and advise Tournament Base of the problem and immediately RETURN TO PORT.
  25. Radio Skeds will be conducted under the “NSWGFA Guidelines for Radio Skeds for Tournaments” as are in effect at the time.
  26. If a Vessel misses two (2) skeds Tournament Base will commence emergency procedures.
  27. Radio skeds will be conducted at 2 hourly intervals commencing at 8.10am on VHF 80 and 27MHZ 27.94.
  28. Three minutes silence must be observed on the hour for communication from any vessels encountering difficulties, and for ten minutes prior to the end of fishing on each day to allow registration of hook-ups and those fish still being fought.
  29. When responding to calls from tournament base, teams must give their team number, boat name and position from the Sked Map provided.
  30. Reporting is by Zero, Zero, Zero system (Strikes, Hook-ups, T&R/Captures)
  31. The fishing area for the tournament is defined as any area between a line 36 15 or 2Z (North of Montague) in the south on the sked map and 35 24 or 2J (South of Ulladulla) in the north. This is to isolate the fishing area in line with the B.O.M forecast area for the Batemans Coast
  32. NO FISHING other than bait fishing is permitted west of a line drawn from Yellow Rock to Burrewarra Point. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of all captures and T&R made by the offenders on the day.
  33. Fishing times are: Fri 14th 7.00am to 4.30 pm; Sat 15th 7.00am to 4.30 pm; and Sun 16th 7.00 am to 3.30 pm
  34. The tournament will be governed by the “Fishing Rules and Tackle Regulations” of the GFAA and NSWGFA that are in effect at the time.
  35. In addition, the NSWGFA point score system and minimum weights will apply.
  36. Striped Tuna are only eligible for Catch and Release for  Junior and Small Fry Awards. Same NSWGFAA Points  apply. Use Measure & Release cards
  37. NSWGFA Tag and Release (T&R) rules apply as do any  new rules in effect at the time of the tournament.
  38. CIRCLE HOOKS ONLY are permitted to be used for live baiting and trolling natural baits, whether live, dead, mutilated or dissected except in the case of targeting Narrow Barred Mackerel (Scomberomorus Commerson) NB: no points to be scored for any species caught while using live baits and/or trolling baits with “J” hooks.
    1. Circle Hook Definition: A hook with it’s point turned 90 degrees or less back towards the shank of the hook.
  39. Releasing tagged fish: The hook is to be removed or the  leader cut as close as possible to the fish.
  40. LINE CLASSES which will be recognised are 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 15kg, 24kg, 37kg and 60kg.
  41. SPECIES – eligible species will be those approved by NSWGFA.
  42. NOTE: Burleying must not commence before the start of  fishing on each day of the tournament.
    1. Yellowfin Tuna: 15kg on line classes up to and including 15kg line, equal to line class for over 15kg line, and for Junior/Smallfry anglers equal to the line class in all cases.
    2. Southern Bluefin tuna: 15kg on line classes up to and including 15kg line, equal to line class for over 15kg line, and for Junior/Smallfry anglers equal to the line class in all cases.
    3. Marlin: a minimum of 70kg on line classes 4kg to 10kg and a minimum of 90kg on 15kg line class and over.  For Junior/Small Fry Anglers a minimum of 60kg on line classes 4kg to 10kg and a minimum of 80kg on 15kg line class and over.
    4. Sharks: a minimum of 70kg on line classes 6kg to 10kg, a minimum of 90kg on line classes 15kg to 37kg, and 130kg on 60kg line class.  For Junior/Small Fry Anglers a minimum of 60kg on line classes 6kg to 10kg, a minimum of 80kg on line classes 15kg to 37kg, and 120kg on 60kg line class.
    5. Other game fish (OGF) and Broadbill: minimum weight to be equal to line class.
  44. Time, Line Class & Approximate Weight must be given when reporting Capture and T&R. Failure to do so will result in your fish being recorded as after the last fish recorded and on 60kg line class.
  45. Any fish captured which is found to be more than 20% different from the measurement provided when the fish was reported will be disqualified.
  46. Any fish reported as hooked up prior to cease of fishing on Friday or Saturday may continue to be fought and will be eligible for Capture and T&R points in the tournament up until close of the gantry at 4 .30pm Sunday.
  47. For all Captures and T&R to be eligible on Sunday, all fish, tag cards, paperwork and tackle required for checking must be within the confines of the gantry by 4.30pm Sunday.
  48. In the event of a tie the Prizes/Trophy involved will be awarded to the boat/angler who reaches the winning points/ winning weight/winning number of fish first.
  49. Prizes/Trophies: A maximum of two Prizes/Trophies only will be awarded to any one fish captured.
  50. Anglers are responsible for the disposal of their captures.
  51. Fish not wanted should be taken at least five (5) km to sea (outside the marine park) and cut open before disposing thereof.
  52. If any fish or fish carcass is cut up and disposed of in the confines of the weigh station or Batemans Bay marina, such fish having being caught in accordance with the rules of this tournament, that fish will be disqualified from the tournament. In the event of any shark or marlin given away for eating, only the fillets may be given and the remaining carcass is the responsibility of the skipper and crew.
  53. All paperwork for capture and tag and release must be completed before presenting fish or fishing tackle to the weigh master on each day of fishing. All Tag Cards and paperwork must be filled in completely including  line  class and time of capture/ T&R or they will not be accepted.
  54. Photo or Video Evidence of angler hooked up and tag applied to fish must be submitted to tag/weigh station with tag card .at end of days fishing .”supply your own cord to download “
  55. Competitors are reminded that NSW Fisheries regulations prohibit the sale for cash or kind, of fish taken by an unlicensed fisherman and/or boat. Sale of fish will result in disqualification from the tournament.
  56. Misconduct. The Tournament Committee may, on its own initiative, investigate and act upon any incident occurring during the tournament. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary in such circumstances . The Tournament Committee may invoke penalties of loss of points or disqualification of fish, angler, boat or team where misconduct is deemed to have taken place. All competitors are reminded that as members of a club they are regarded as representatives of their club. As such, any unbecoming behaviour reflects adversely on the club and, indeed, on all game fishers.
  57. NSWGFA Anglers must use the Billfish Tag to tag ALL Billfish. This is the  only TAG that will be recognised for Billfish in any tournament, competition and point score trophy. The Billfish tag is for billfish only (no other species).
  58. The Adjudication Committee is
    1. Andrew Turner 0415652345;
    2. Doug Read 0427276577; and
    3. David Britton 0409398648
  59. Adjudication Committee’s determination of any protest or rule interpretation will be final. Protests, if any, must be submitted to a member of the Tournament Committee in writing, signed by the boat captain by 4 .30 Sunday 16 th January 2022. All tournament decisions and rulings are final and binding on all entrants.
  60. Anglers are advised that there is to be no comment to the media by competitors – all media must go through the President.
  61. Shark tag and release points have been amended following NSWGFA AGM see below and can be found on
  62. Shoot  Out Rules.
    1. To enter the Shoot Out the boat must be entered in the SIMRAD Tollgate Island Classic Tournament.
    2. Entry to the Shoot Out is optional and in addition to Tournament entry fee.
    3. Shoot Out Entry Fee is $200 per boat.
    4. Minimum of 20 boats @ $200 per boat required. Shoot Out Entry Fees refunded if not enough boats enter.
    5. If no prize is awarded the winner or winners are to be drawn from a hat.
    6. A fish must weigh minimum weights for a senior angler as per NSWGFA rules to be eligible. A very strict rule on calling the length will be enforced (As per rule: 25)
    7. Capture Shoot Out winner will be the highest point scoring fish on the day of the Shoot Out and in accordance with NSWGFA Senior Capture point score system.
    8. T&R Shoot Out winner will be the team earning the highest number of T&R points for the day of the Shoot Out and in accordance with NSWGFA Senior T&R point score system. In the event of a tie a count back will occur (refer rule 28)
    9. Shoot Out will be conduct on one day only of the tournament which shall be advised to all anglers at the tournament briefing.